Today is World Water Day – a day to accelerate change to solve the water and sanitation crisis. Access to clean water is the most basic need that we humans have. When the water chains break, progress is undermined on all major global issues. The UN’s goal is for everyone to have access to clean water and sanitation by 2030 at the latest – right now we have a long way to go to achieve that goal.

In order to speed up the work, Hummeltorp has, since 2020,  been conducting a project that develops various detection and purification techniques regarding contamination for leachate, day water and groundwater. With an in-house developed technology, day water and leachate are purified, while nitrogen and phosphorus are extracted from the water, which is then converted into fertilizer for soil products.

Since 2021, Hummeltorp also focuses on removing PFAS (per- and polyfluorinated substances) from both water and soil. PFAS are a group of industrially produced chemicals that all have in common that they break down slowly. They stay in water and soil for centuries and can have very harmful effects on humans, animals, insects, plants and the environment.

Purification of PFAS is so far difficult, expensive and very complex. Most often, a combination of several techniques is required to successfully clean the substance effectively. Through various international collaborations, Hummeltorp Water has identified 23 different successful removal methods for PFAS. Now we strive to, together with other companies, organizations and universities, speed up the work and continue research and development of the best possible technology to remove PFAS from all watercourses and land!