Hummeltorp Sverige AB

An active part of the circular economy.


Our new state-of-the-art plant
for aggregates from spoil

Every ton recovered from surplus masses reduces the unsustainable consumption of non-renewable natural resources!

To our knowledge

The worlds environmental safest and most efficient facility

World unique with the Grödinge facility

• 96 % recycling rate
• Completely environmentally safe facility with sealed surface/cells
• Closed leachate & stormwater system with several different purification steps
• Purification / recovery of nitrogen and phosphorus
• Circular water system
• Minimal use of groundwater with purified leachate & stormwater
• Climate neutral recycling of excavated spoil and fill

 Other innovative / unique solutions

• Heat energy recovery from sanitation process
• Electrification of the entire plant
• 40-90% reduced climate footprint with climate-smart  new transport system
• 95.5% Carbon dioxide reduction in 5 years
• 65 % cleaner gravel & crushing products with reduced nitrogen & phosphorus, reduces global acidification
• 130,000 kWh of electricity / year with solar panels
• Environmentally safe import control in several steps
• Dynamic weighing system
• Smart camera surveillance of the entire facility

Our business concept

Via an environment and future generation focused approach, we offer our customers a technologically proven range of sustainable and circular products that are both organic and climate smart.

Our products should always be of a high quality, climate & environmentally smart, and help build long-term relationships – and reduce the use of non-renewable natural resources.

We recycle excavated spoil to create new usable materials.

Hummeltorp is part of the growing circular economy, where materials and products are reused instead of discarded. Filling materials such as gravel and sand are a limited natural resource. By recycling excavated masses, we can save money and at the same time reduce the ecological burden.

We take unprocessed spoil, clean and refine it in several steps before recycling them to constructions and fill material that often possesses superior properties and qualities than the original material. The secret is checking the origin of the spoil, as well as our technical know-how, efficient processes, and smart logistics.


We fully invest in a circular economy with a focus on sustainable and climate-smart recycling.
We reduce the use of non-renewable natural resources.