Many of our biggest challenges start with water and today the statistics are frightening – 1 in 10 people do not have access to clean water. At Hummeltorp, we want to help solve some of the challenges that municipalities, companies and people are facing. Therefore, we have started the project ”Hummeltorp Water Purifying Systems” which goal is to ensure access to clean water.

In Sweden, we are quite wasteful with clean water, for example it is common to flush the toilets with drinking water. Every Swede uses an average of 30 liters of drinking water per day to flush the toilet. We at Hummeltorp think that the idea of ​​using drinking water for toilets should be flushed once and for all. Here, we will instead use recycled water from the facility’s rainwater and leachate to make toilet visits climate-smart in the future.

The climate-smart toilets are a new initiative in ”Hummeltorp Water Purifying Systems” which drives research & development of circular purification technology regarding leachate, day water and groundwater. Hummeltorp Water Purifying Systems works with water purification, both nationally and globally, to ensure access to water for all.