The startup company Kind Designs has been awarded the Hummeltorp Evolution Award for its role as a changemaker in ocean and marine challenges! Kind Designs uses 3D printing technology to print living ocean walls that mimic coral reefs and mangroves. The ocean walls act as hosts for biodiversity and improve water quality. The walls have embedded water quality sensors that contribute to a global network of water data.

The award ceremony took place at the event ”The Power and Promise of the Blue Economy” in Forth Lauderdale, Florida in the USA where Hummeltorp’s CEO Christer Otterström had the honor of presenting the award. Kind Designs was awarded a glass trophy as well as $5,000 to expand its business.

Hummeltorp Evolution Award is about driving positive change for the environment and for people. Climate change is already palpable, so we need to raise awareness, create incentives and recognise the frontline entrepreneurs who are trying to make a difference. American and Swedish academics, business leaders and environmental advocates have come together to support changemakers who make a difference to the environment. To create commercially viable environmental solutions, the organizations Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce, Institute for Sustainable Development, US Embassy in Sweden and Hummeltorp have founded the Hummeltorp Evolution Award.