Hummeltorp’s CEO, Christer Otterström, has been named one of the finalists in the Stockholm region for the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2023 award. Christer has run companies from the age of 16 in various industries and in several parts of the world. Since 2017, he has run the family business Hummeltorp, which in six years has gone from a recycling rate of 16 percent to a whopping 96 percent. This is thanks to efficiencies, proprietary new technology, new methods and special machines. During the same period, the business has also reduced its climate footprint by 95%.

After extensive nomination processes and interviews, Christer is one of ten entrepreneurs in four categories who have advanced to the regional final on November 24th. EY Entrepreneur Of The Year is one of the world’s largest and most prestigious awards for entrepreneurs. In total, nearly 500 nominations have been submitted from all over the country.

It feels incredibly good and honorable to be one of the finalists. The nomination is a confirmation of how important businesses that create a positive impact on society or the environment are. It is proof that we are doing something right, says Christer Otterström, CEO Hummeltorp.

Hummeltorp recycles excavated materials but also blasted stone, concrete and asphalt from construction processes and cleans the material so it can be reused, primarily in the construction sector. For over 100 years, the company has been part of the circular economy. Today, Hummeltorp recycles construction materials equivalent to 25,000 trucks per year.

Sweden’s total climate impact, from construction processes alone, amounts to ten million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. That is as much as all passenger cars in Sweden emit yearly. The excavated masses, in Sweden alone, annually correspond to the weight of the Globe roughly 2,200 times over. Imagine if we could eliminate these emissions, and fully recycle the excavated waste, what a huge positive impact it would have on the environment. This is, among other things, where Hummeltorp makes a difference, concludes Christer Otterström.

For more information, please contact:

Christer Otterström, CEO Hummeltorp

+46 70 602 33 00

About EY Entrepreneur Of The Year
EY Entrepreneur Of The Year is one of the world’s leading awards for entrepreneurs. The competition started in the USA in 1986 and in Sweden the award began in 1995. It is the first international award for entrepreneurs who build successful companies with clear visions and good leadership skills. The competition is conducted at regional, national and international level in more than 140 cities in more than 60 countries. An independent jury judges the entrepreneurs according to the criteria of influence, entrepreneurial spirit, purpose and growth. At the regional finals and at the national finals in Sweden, winners are also named in the categories Entrepreneurial Winning Women, Young Entrepreneurship Of The Year and Best International Growth.