This year, World Water Week was organized in Stockholm – the world’s leading conference on water-related problems. Many of our biggest challenges start with water and today the statistics are daunting. 1 in 10 people do not have access to clean water and the drought this summer was one of the worst that Europe has seen in 500 years.

At Hummeltorp, we want to help solve some of the challenges that municipalities, companies and people face. Therefore, we have started the project ”Hummeltorp Water Purifying Systems” whose goal is to ensure access to clean water.

Hummeltorp work with water purification, both nationally and globally. Today, we have several international development projects focused on the purification of stormwater and leachate from contaminated sources and the purification of already contaminated groundwater. We also have our own national development projects that focus on environmental and groundwater safety around leachate from different types of waste facilities. Hummeltorp’s development of technologies for purification and reuse of water is an important step in the right direction.