Sweden is a world leader in recycling, yet surplus masses from the construction industry are forgotten. The construction industry accounts for a fifth of Sweden’s carbon dioxide emissions, while just over 90% of all surplus masses are not recycled – a large waste of resources that we cannot afford if we are to achieve with the climate goals. At Hummeltorp, we work to ensure that surplus masses from the construction industry are recycled – now we are nominated in the Recycling Gala 2022.

At Hummeltorp, about 300,000 tons of surplus masses are recycled and sorted per year, a weight equivalent to 25,000 trucks. We sort, crush and clean excavated and rock masses, asphalt and concrete with a recycling rate of 96%, which can be put in relation to the EU target of 22%. 96% of the waste that enters becomes quality products in the form of soil, sand, gravel and special products.

On November 24, the Recycling Gala 2022 will be held in Stockholm and Hummeltorp is one of the finalists in the category ”Waste Processor of the Year”. The award goes to a company whose activities mainly consist of waste management and which has contributed to the recycling of waste in an efficient and profitable way. We would like to thank everyone who has nominated us and it is an honor to be one of the finalists!