In the picture from left: Professor Michael Stopford, former Chief of Staff for the UN, Head of external relations for the World Bank, Head of Communications for NATO and former British diplomat, Director Stephen Jordan for ISD (Institute for Sustainable Development, USA), Director Luis Neves for GeSI (The Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative) and Christer Otterström, CEO Hummeltorp.

Hummeltorp’s CEO Christer Otterström has participated in climate and sustainability discussions in Brussels. Together with representatives for The Directorate-General for Climate Action, the Timmerman Cabinet (European Commission for the European Green Deal and European Commissioner for Climate Action) and The Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative, climate, environmental and green energy issues were discussed.

To reduce emissions and to solve the greatest challenge of our time, more people must take responsibility. That’s why conversations like these are incredibly important. Hummeltorp wants to inspire and accelerate the transition to a circular society. To succeed, we need to share our knowledge of using recycled materials while learning from others. Companies, industries, decision-makers, governments and communities all need to cooperate in the fight against climate change, says Christer Otterström.

The discussions in Brussels resulted in many interesting possibilities for future cooperation. Hummeltorp were also invited as members of EIRMA, a forum to exchange and discuss experiences and best practices in R&D, as well as Digital with Purpose, a movement that comes together to achieve the goals of sustainable development by 2030.