It is with joy and pride that Hummeltorp Sverige AB is now starting an extensive sponsorship and recycling collaboration with Solvalla. As a result of the collaboration, the Hummeltorp Solvallaserien was introduced on January 4 at Solvalla and will continue throughout 2023.

We are very proud to be a sponsor of the Nordic region’s largest arena for trotting. Hummeltorp wants to support and develop Swedish trotting at the same time as we encourage climate-smart recycling, says Christer Otterström, CEO of Hummeltorp.

Hummeltorp has long focused on recycling and converting fill material, excavation and rock masses as well as concrete and asphalt into materials that often have better properties than the original limited natural resource, such as the material on Solvalla’s indoor heating track. Since four years ago, horse manure has also been recycled at Hummeltorp’s facility in Grödinge.

A collaboration with Solvalla has existed since the 70s and we are already providing circular special materials such as Hoof Ground™ for various race tracks, arenas, training tracks, stables and paddocks, specially adapted for the various areas of use. In addition to new track surfaces, we have also developed a way to recycle and convert horse manure into both energy and circular soil improvement. It is very fun to take the collaboration to the next level through the role of a sponsor for a new elite serie at Solvalla, concludes Christer Otterström.

Hummeltorp’s Solvallaserie takes place every Wednesday at Solvalla with increased prize money and is usually broadcast on Kanal 12 or TV4.