For us at Hummeltorp, environment and health go hand in hand. Therefore, we have chosen to support the Swedish Cancer Society in their Pink Ribbon campaign.

Today, 87.3% of women who suffer from breast cancer survive. Just over 20 years ago, that figure was 76.6%. Much progress has been made. But more research is needed. Therefore, Hummeltorp wants to encourage others who have the opportunity to contribute to cancer research to do just that.

The Swedish Cancer Society’s Pink Ribbon campaign runs during October each year with the aim of raising money for research, spreading knowledge about cancer and how to reduce your risk of being affected and influencing decision-makers on important issues.

We at Hummeltorp work to reduce the use of non-renewable natural resources and we focus on sustainable and climate-smart recycling. For us, it is therefore extra important to inform that it is not only our living habits that pose a cancer risk. The external environment can also mean an increased risk of cancer in the form of particles in the air and water. Therefore, Hummeltorp works to reduce emissions in transport systems and to purify groundwater and leachate.