At Hummeltorp, we always work for the health of the environment through the recycling of non-renewable natural resources. But in order for us to be able to conduct solid environmental work, we also need to prioritize people’s health. Therefore, Hummeltorp has chosen to support Mustaschkampen – the Prostate Cancer Association’s campaign against prostate cancer.

Every day, 27 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. The disease affects 10,000 men every year, which makes it Sweden’s most common form of cancer, but if prostate cancer is detected in time, the disease can often be cured. Mustaschkampen takes place in the fall of each year with a focus in November. The campaign contributes to research on prostate cancer while spreading knowledge about Sweden’s most common cancer.

Hummeltorp wants to encourage more companies to support Mustaschkampen in their work against prostate cancer. Everyone can join Mustaschkampen!