Hummeltorp’s CEO, Christer Otterström, has participated in the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce’s event The Executive Forum – an event that took place at the Swedish Embassy in Washington D.C. Together with representatives from USA, organizations discussed solutions that promote innovation and development both in Sweden and in the USA.

For Hummeltorp’s part, the discussions were mainly about opportunities for collaboration for sustainable development. By sharing knowledge and best practices that have developed through years of innovation and climate-smart thinking, we can reduce unnecessary and time-consuming processes that hinder the transition to a carbon-neutral society, says Christer Otterström, CEO Hummeltorp.

Hummeltorp works with projects that enable sustainable, climate-smart development both economically and environmentally.

At Hummeltorp, we focus on sharing our knowledge and technology with other markets to increase the total recycling of non-renewable natural resources. Our vision is to offer new recycling methods and a wider product range to support the development of sustainable resource use worldwide, concludes Christer Otterström.

Pictured: Ambassador Tomas L Sibert, Ambassador Karin Olofsdotter, Christer Otterström, CEO Hummeltorp.