One of Sweden’s environmental goals is that greenhouse gas emissions from domestic transport shall be reduced by at least 70 percent by 2030 compared to emissions in 2010. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency states that we need a more transport-efficient society to succeed with the goal.

At Hummeltorp, we have developed our own logistics solution to reduce the climate footprint to and from the facility through return transports. In the transport sector for construction transport, especially in the metropolitan regions, there are currently no incentives to use return transport. Due to the unpredictable traffic situation, most transports are charged based on time. The transport companies therefore gain nothing from using the opportunities for return cargo, on the contrary, it costs more fuel and reduces the number of assignments.

By combining the logistics of our environmental containers for fertilizer at our EcoHorse customers and the delivery of soil, special and crushed products to Hummeltorp customers, the climate footprint of transports is reduced by at least 40 percent. Hummeltorp’s vision is to influence the entire transport sector to use return transports.