Hummeltorp Sverige AB has participated in the Bright Green Summit organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Sweden and Mundus International. Together with international companies, universities, ambassadors and other decision-makers, the results of COP27 and opportunities to combat climate change on a global scale were discussed.

On November 22, the Bright Green Summit was organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Sweden and Mundus International in collaboration with Yale Law School, KTH and companies such as Nasdaq, Coca-Cola and Microsoft. Among the speakers were ambassadors from all over the world, business leaders and Christer Otterström, CEO of Hummeltorp. Christer was there to talk about the importance of recycling surplus materials from the construction industry.

”Hummeltorp wants to inspire and speed up the transition to a circular society. To succeed, we need to spread information and knowledge about recycling in general, especially when it comes to the construction industry and the opportunities that arise when excavated materials are recycled”, says Christer Otterström, CEO of Hummeltorp.

Bright Green Summit enables a platform to address climate change on a larger scale. It is a forum where companies, industries, decision-makers, governments, and society can share knowledge aimed at counteracting climate change.

Christer Otterström participated in a panel discussion on infrastructure together with, among others, Emilia Hagberg, Sustainability manager Skanska Group, and Rob Duff, Sustainable Business Development Director Washington Department of Commerce. The panel discussed how the infrastructure sector must switch to a more circular mindset.

”At Hummeltorp, we focus on sharing our knowledge and technology with other markets to increase the recycling of non-renewable natural resources. Bright Green Summit offers a platform to do just that. Our vision is to provide new technology, new recycling methods and a broader product line to help in the transition to a circular society”, concludes Christer Otterström.

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