Hummeltorp’s unique facility and hygienization solution are highlighted in the magazine Energi & Miljö. Christer Otterström, CEO of Hummeltorp, talks in an interview about the creative energy solution and the vision that entire industrial areas should be heated with waste heat from the hygienization of horse manure.

Hummeltorp’s hygienization facility was recently put into operation and is used to heat 900 square meters of workshop and staff rooms. At present, Hummeltorp takes in approximately 20,000 cubic meters of horse manure from the Mälardalen area annually, which is then turned into heat through the hygienization process. The creative solution provides around 120,000 kWh in a year – about half of Hummeltorp’s energy use.

At present, few actors use hygienization facilities, even though it is a smart and efficient way to generate energy. Hummeltorp sees great potential for circular economy plants of this kind.

”We will start a project where we will build a hygienization plant in an industrial area that will be developed, where all industrial properties will be heated with waste heat from the facility”, says Christer Otterström, CEO of Hummeltorp.

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