The staff day is a day for the team behind Hummeltorp’s operations to get to know each other outside of their professional role and to reflect on what Hummeltorp stands for. The staff day took place at the end of May and was filled with sharp insights as well as lots of laughter.

It is important to have staff days where you can go outside the box and let go of your professional persona. It is usually in such situations that you discover sides of your colleague that you may not be aware of, says Sussi Eriksson, Hummeltorp employee.

With a workforce of around 13 people, Hummeltorp gathered at Körunda Hotell. The day began with breakfast and a conference in true Hummeltorp spirit with a focus on driving forces and future plans. Then it was off to the golf range and the day ended with a putting competition and award ceremony.

We had a very rewarding conference with lots of history about Hummeltorp from the first seed to today’s proud oak tree. It felt like everyone had a super day with lots of laughter, says Sussi Eriksson.