Now that the Almedalen Week is over and the thoughts have had time to settle, we at Hummeltorp would like to extend a big thank you to everyone involved for valuable meetings. Many share our belief that the transition to a circular society, where building materials and natural resources are recycled instead of discarded, is absolutely necessary.

Here are some highlights and reflections from the sunny days in Almedalen:

♻ Important discussions at AMCHAM Sweden in ”The American Garden” about how we can strengthen trade relations between Sweden and the USA, and in particular how we can cooperate to increase the recycling of important natural resources. Many thanks to Erik Ramanathan, US ambassador to Sweden, Marianne Drain, Senior Commercial Officer at the US Embassy in Stockholm, Peter Dahlen, managing director AMCHAM Sweden, and Jakob Kiefer, former Swedish ambassador to Chile and Peru and former ambassador for Sustainable business, for interesting conversations.

♻ Nordea organized a fantastic dinner at Tofta Beach House which offered a very beautiful sunset. Many thanks to, among others, Annika Winsth, Nordea’s Chief Economist and Peter Dalmalm, Head of Corporate Affairs Sweden, for the invitation!

♻ Hummeltorp’s CEO also had the honor of meeting Jan Eliasson, former Secretary General UN, in the alleys of Visby. He also met Marcus Wandt, the Swedish astronaut just back from space!

♻ Last but not least, it has been extremely rewarding to meet new and old acquaintances, colleagues, partners and customers. We look forward to continuing the dialogues after the summer and working together to make better use of the resources we already have!

Many thanks to AMCHAM, Nordea, the US Embassy and many more for important dialogues!

Picture from left: Christer Otterström, CEO of Hummeltorp, Erik Ramanathan, US ambassador in Sweden.