On November 30th, the Recycling Gala 2023 took place and we are very happy to announce that Hummeltorp’s CEO, Christer Otterström, won the Recycling Inspirer of the Year. The award goes to a person who drives, engages and inspires others when it comes to increasing recycling and reuse, in other words to someone who makes a difference.

The jury’s motivation was: Hummeltorp CEO Christer Otterström wants to inspire and speed up the transition to a circular society. In a short time, he has created a large, international interest in the recycling and reuse of building materials.

Increased recycling of building materials saves our environment, resources, protects drinking water and the climate. There is enormous potential in increasing recycling in the construction industry, which generally has a recycling rate of ten percent. Hummeltorp’s recycling operations show that it is possible, in an industry that handles enormous amounts of building materials, to recycle over 95 percent. In a short period of time we have succeeded in inspiring decision-makers at both national and international level to realize the value and importance of recycling. I am extremely proud of the award and it would not be possible without all fantastic employees who keep the business running on a daily basis, says Christer Otterström, CEO of Hummeltorp.

During the past year, Hummeltorp has created a great deal of interest in the recycling of building materials on an international level. Organizations such as the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce (SACC), The Institute for Sustainable Development (ISD) in Washington D.C., The Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) and the European Industrial Research Management Association (EIRMA) in Brussels collaborate with Hummeltorp in the endeavor to get the entire construction industry to change to a circular way of thinking. Together with ISD, Hummeltorp is the initiator of gathering international organizations, universities, researchers and companies into the Green Innovation Network (GIN) and creating Sustainable Valley, a green global hub, in Sweden with the aim of accelerating innovations and green development.​