”Christer Otterström has run businesses since his teens, both in Sweden and in the USA. But it took almost 30 years before he joined the family business. Now the goal is 10,000 facilities in the world, which receive and recycle construction waste”. 

That’s the begining of an article about Hummeltorp’s operations in the newspaper Företagarna. Christer Otterström, Hummeltorp’s CEO, meets the CEO of Företagarna to talk more about Hummeltorp’s development journey. A journey driven by high ambitions and visions.

The family business started over 100 years ago. From having once been a traditional agriculture farm in Haninge – to becoming a circular recycling company in Botkyrka that makes a difference for future generations with international visions. Among other things, Hummeltorp have increased the recycling rate from 5 percent to a whopping 96 percent.

– We invested SEK 80 million in three years to modernize and work more circularly. When I presented the idea to dad, I pointed to the UN’s sustainability goals and the EU decisions that were already on the table. ”If we invest now, we are ahead of our competitors,” I said. It is only a matter of time before companies like Skanska and NCC only work with companies like us, using circular methods, says Christer Otterström.

The journey continues and the long-term goal is now to start 10,000 facilities around the world. It is an ambitious goal, but we are convinced that it can be achieved. After visits to Washington and talks with ambassadors, senators and governors, 24 states in the USA are interested in the recycling facility located in Grödinge.

Read the entire article about Christer Otterström and Hummeltorp here: https://www.foretagarna.se/nyheter/riks/2024/april/vd-moter-hummeltorp/

Picture: Oskar Omne