In Sweden, up to 100 million tons of rock material are produced every year, corresponding to 10 tons per Swede. Our entire infrastructure is made up of rock material as it is needed in everything from asphalting to water and sewage facilities. The vast majority, about 90 percent of all gravel products, are produced by crushing rock, a non-renewable natural resource. The problem with gravel products is that it usually come from quarries far from the construction site where mountains are blasted with a single purpose – to make gravel.

Hummeltorp has chosen to only use rock material from constructions instead of quarries. Construction rock is rock material that arises as a residual product (waste) from a construction project, for example during the construction of tunnels. The construction facilities from which the construction rock comes from are usually closer to recycling facilities than the quarries. In addition, Hummeltorp both receive the residual product and manufacture a new gravel product. That means that we can skip long and unnecessary transports and bring finished material with return transports.