Last week, Hummeltorp’s CEO Christer Otterström had the great pleasure of participating in GESI’s Global Summit Digital with Purpose in Lisbon. With an opening speech from the President of Portugal, 300 speakers, around 3000 participants and representatives from the European Commission, it was discussed how innovation can drive positive climate change in industries around the world.

In a panel debate led by Stephen Jordan from ISD, with participation from, among others, Dr. Joaquin Ruiz, director of Biosphere 2, which conducts the world’s largest controlled environmental experiment, Otterström discussed how to accelerate the transition from research innovation in sustainability to high-impact commercial-scale production. Hummeltorp is an example of how we can recycle residual waste that would otherwise be discarded and thereby save both the environment and the wallet. For us, it is clear that ”business as usual” is no longer enough and that sustainability is a goal that all organizations must embrace.