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A well-run family business for several generations


100 years of innovation and development

Hummeltorp Sverige AB was founded in 1973 by Bengt Otterström, who in 1955 started to develop and manufacture his own soil types made from peat, sand, clay and manure. Before 1955 soil were excavated from different types of arable land, which today is forbidden.

In the 1990s, the company also started accepting excavation spoil for recycling. On 1 March 2017, there was a generation shift in the Otterström family and the company is now managed by Bengt’s sons, Christer and Johannes Otterström. Today, the company produces and markets the very best plant soils on the market, many different circular products, like aggregates and recyclable ballast, as well as several new innovative construction materials.

Excavation spoil is still accepted at the facility, though in an increased format, more nuanced, and with greater consideration of the recycling rate. Hummeltorp Sverige AB aims to be the leading company in its niche with the main focus on recycling all (100%) excavation spoil, and to benefit nature and the future with natural climate smart circularity. Follow us on our journey!

1920 – 1979

Torbern Otterström (grandfather of Christer and Johannes) runs Mörby Gård, a traditional farm in the Municipality of Haninge, south of Stockholm. As an graduated agronomist he passes on his values of caring and protecting nature and soil to his children and grandchildren.

Torbern’s son, Bengt Otterström, trains and later graduate Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Bengt Otterström founds a company that produces topsoil in an new innovative way.

Bengt Otterström excavates peat moss from a swamp and, at the same time, creates a lake. The peat is used to produce the innovative topsoil.

Otterström Åkeri, a haulage company, is started, and wins significant contracts in the Stockholm region: the excavation of Brunkebergsåsen (1958), and construction work for Årstalänken (1967), Hallunda (1970), and Norsborg (1972).

Otterströms Åkeri becomes the first haulage company in Stockholm to invest in dump trucks with bogie axles, whish increase freight efficiency by 45 %.

Mälarturf Gräsmatteodlingar (a turf and lawn company) is founded – the first in Europe with ready rolled turf.

Hummeltorps Torvindustri is founded – the first to be able to excavate and take care of an entire peat layer (18 feet) for soil production.

Hummeltorp is the first company to recycle horse manure to create a circular system. Partnership with Solvalla and Täby Galopp racecourses.

1980 – 2015

At age of 16, Christer Otterström starts Crilles Dumpertransporter.

During the 1980s and forward, Christer starts and runs successful companies in several different sectors and countries, including North America where the foundations for many of today’s international joint ventures were laid.

Stockholms Last & Transport (contractor and haulage company) is started by Christer and managed together with his sister Carina Otterström.

Christer starts a successful program for troubled teens at the family ranch south of Stockholm. Later in 1995 Christer buys a mansion close to Gothenburg for the sole purpose of helping troubled teens. Christer is active in the program on an everyday basis for over 20 years. The program becomes one of the most successful in Sweden, with one of the lowest number of relapses 23 years out of 25. In 2018 Christer turns over the program to one of the top Healthcare companies in Europe.

First machine with an exhaust purifier to reduce emissions, which at the time is in accordance with “Step I” engines.

Inward deliveries of excavation spoil on a larger scale. Projects such as “Södra länken” and the expansion of Igelstaverket are contracted.

First machine with the new “Step II” exhaust purifier.

Johannes Otterström joins the company.

First machine with the new “Step III” exhaust purifier.

Recycling of rebar from reinforced concrete.

Successful project together with the County Administrative Board to raise the groundwater level in “Pålamalms” groundwater aquifer. Whish provides the Municipality of Haninge, south of Stockholm with fresh water.

First machine with SCR emission control technology that reduces emissions by 90-95% in accordance with “Step IV” engines.


  • Christer returns to the company when Bengt suffers a life-threatening health problem. Family joint agreement reached on the company’s future direction:
    “With future generations in focus, to innovatively develop environment safety, circular systems, circularity and renewability, and to work sustainably to reduce climate impact and the consumption of non-renewable natural resources”.
  • A clear and new company direction towards recycling, climate neutrality, and the circular economy.
  • New Sweden Office established in the World Trade Center, Stockholm.
  • Carbon dioxide reduction by 18%.
    Recycling rate increases from 16% to 23%.


  • Bengt hands over operations of the company to the next generation. The company changes its name to Hummeltorp Sverige AB. Extensive investments to modernize the entire facility in Grödinge.
  • Bengt Otterström passes away, 83 years young. He was involved in the business and continued making decisions until the day he died.
  • 350,000 metric tons of spoil processed and recycled within the facility in Grödinge for Stage 1 of the new site.
  • Operations are started in Florida, USA.
  • International development joint venture in North America started. Focus on machinery development.
  • Newly developed machinery and methods for environment sustaining circular products within asphalt and road materials.
  • Four new products for road materials.
  • New technology developed by Hummeltorp increases circular material in production of fresh hot asphalt. Increase from 25% to over 50%.
  • Hummeltorp Garden is launch. Focus on organic, climate smart and circular soil products. Eight new products are launched.
  • New more environmentally efficient excavators.
  • Carbon dioxide reduction of a further 46% from previous year.
    Recycling rate increases from 23% to 55%.


  • International Joint Ventures are expanded with additional projects.
  • Electrification of the entire facility in Grödinge together with power company “Vattenfall”. The Grödinge facility has an electric powered future.
  • New online based system to reduce ‘wasted journeys’ and negative climate impact.
  • New Joint Venture for more efficient processing of sulfid-bearing rock waste.
  • New US office in One World Trade Center, New York.
  • Completion of recreation area on former landfill, with water skiing, beach, and horse-riding facilities.
  • Electrification of the facility in Grödinge.
  • New, more environmentally efficient wheel loaders.
  • New climate positive soil products based on biochar.
  • Carbon dioxide reduction of a further 29% from previous year.
    Recycling rate increases from 55% to 70%.


  • Investment in new technology for climate smart and environment sustaining recycling of tree stumps, garden waste, and hygienization of horse manure.
  • EcoHorse is launch to resolve a society problem concerning horse manure.
  • Start of EcoHorse project: “From horse bed to plant bed”.
  • New developed technology for recycling stumps and garden waste.
  • Hummeltorp Sustainable Evolution is launched – with the UN Agenda 2030 goals in focus to develop sustainable climate smart solutions. In the first instance, energy recovery, ballast and soil products, transport solutions, plus a reduction in the consumption of non-renewable natural resources.
  • Planning of large new hygienization facility.
  • New technology (via Joint Venture in USA) for hygienization of horse manure.
  • New and world unique technology to filter out and recover nitrogen and phosphorus from our unique closed leachate systems.
  • Carbon dioxide reduction of a further 14% from the previous year. Recycling rate increases from 70% to 82%.


  • Recycling rate has increased from 16% to 96% in five years, thanks to a new business plan, research and development projects and major investments.
  • Launch of “Hummeltorp Clean Tech” for research into & development of environment safety, recycling, composting, hygienization, biochar and bio compost.
  • Launching “Hummeltorp Water Purifying Systems” for research & development of treatment technologies for leachate, stormwater, and groundwater.
  • Development partnership with e.g. Scania for recovery of metals from molding sand.
  • Joint venture with North American companies for PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) water treatment.
  • Three new circular and climate smart topsoil products.
  • Transition to renewable diesel – HVO & RME.
  • Carbon dioxide reduction of a further 11% from the previous year. Recycling rate increases from 82% to 96%.


  • Hummeltorp’s production is now 100% climate neutral.
  • Application for a new permit with expanded volumes and use of new technology.
  • Completion of stage 1 in Grödinge.
  • New main building with workshop, truck wash hall, new personnel spaces, and new office premises.
  • New hygienization building that disinfects and recovers heat from horse manure into heat for the main building.
  • Expansion of joint venture with North American companies regarding the purification of soil and groundwater from PFAS substances.
  • Additional carbon dioxide reduction by 1%. Hummeltorp’s carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced by 95% since 2015.
  • The recycling rate remains at 96%.
  • Remained constant recycling rate at 96%.

Goals for 2022

  • More investments in the facility at Grödinge to seal waterproof areas into the leachate and stormwater system.
  • Apply for a permit for the use of new technology that neutralize sulphide bearing rock masses.
  • More focus on the US to establish our methods to reduce climate impact and the use of non-renewable natural resources.
  • Introduce new accounting for all products regarding the proportion of the product that is circular.
  • Introduce new technologies to reduce nitrogen in our rock crushing products, which reduces the eutrophication of our lakes, watercourse, and seas.

Goals for 2023

  • Installation of planned electricity hubs and a new substation for extended focus on electric power by up to 1,000 amperes.
  • Increase the recycling rate to 99% with new wet screening technology.
  • Develop stage 2 of the facility.
Bengt Otterström