Our research and development contributes to a sustainable society

Hummeltorp participates in solving many of the biggest challenges facing municipalities, businesses and people.

We work with projects that enable sustainable development both economically and environmentally – from transport systems that reduce driving times and carbon dioxide emissions to the purification of leachate. Below you can read about our development projects.

Hummeltorp Water Purifying Systems

Purification of leachate, stormwater, and groundwater.

Hummeltorp Water Purifying Systems focus on water purification, both nationally and globally. Clean fresh and groundwater is already a global problem today in many different regions. After climate change, clean drinking water is the next big global challenge.

Hummeltorp Water Purifying Systems is engaged in several international development projects (as Joint Ventures), focusing on purifying storm water and leachate from contaminated sources, and on treating already contaminated groundwater with several different technologies.

We also have our own national research and development projects that are mainly focused on the environmental safety of leachate from different types of waste facilities.

Our current development projects include:

  • World unique filtration and recovering of nitrogen & phosphorus
  • PFAS water purification
  • PFAS contamination treatment of groundwater in the ground
  • Technologies to minimize the extraction of fresh water and groundwater

National development projects

  • Leachate proof systems
  • Restoration of purifying wetlands
  • Sealed and closed stormwater systems

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Hummeltorp Sustainable Evolution

Development of climate smart solutions

Hummeltorp Evolution works in accordance with the UN Agenda 2030 goals for the development and implementation of sustainable and climate smart solutions.

Hummeltorp Evolution primarily works with international projects within several of these sustainable development goals.

Our current projects:

International projects and partnerships

  • Development of new circular ballast products to replace non-circular ones
  • Energy recovery
  • Resource recycling in urban management projects

 National projects and collaborations

  • Climate smart transport solutions
  • Reduction in consumption of non-renewable natural resources

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Hummeltorp Clean Tech

Development and implementation of environment friendly technology

Hummeltorp Clean Tech works with development and implementation of environment friendly and environment safety technology, both nationally and globally. These technologies are crucial if we are to protect our environment and our planet with all its natural assets for future generations.

Hummeltorp Clean Tech has both international and national projects in several areas.

Our current projects:

International projects and partnerships

  • Development and implementation of solar energy
  • Production of Biochar

National projects and partnerships

  • Environmental safety when processing excavated spoil
  • Recycling rate when processing excavated spoil, rocks, concrete and asphalt
  • Composting and biocompost
  • Hygienization (of manure)

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Hummeltorp Garden

Development of circular soil products

Hummeltorp Garden works with development and implementation of soil and garden products that are organic, circular, climate smart and sustainable.

Circularity will be vital if future generations are to be able to grow food on our planet. Restoring and improving soil quality to make it fertile, non-toxic, and able to promote healthy and vigorous growth in the long-term, will, to our mind, be of crucial importance for the future.

Hummeltorp Garden primarily works with national projects within garden products

Our current projects:

  • New organic soil products based on circular materials and biochar
  • New fertile soil products promoting healthy and vigorous growth that are 100% circular
  • New organic soil products based on hygienized natural fertilizers

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International Joint Ventures

Stopping climate change and developing sustainable societies on all levels is a global issue and of vital importance for future generations. Our enterprise is therefore also focused on different international research and development joint ventures.

To this end, we have two offices in the US: the One World Trade Center in New York, and Wellington View in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Our current projects:

  • Development of climate-smart machines for recycling and extraction of metals from excavated masses
  • Treatment of sulfide-bearing rock
  • Development of more efficient and climate smart machinery for the recycling of excavation spoil
  • Development and implementation of new products that can replace current ballast materials from borrow pit operations to help reduce the consumption of non-renewable natural resources